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Ending your tenancy

Returning your home to us

A pair of hands holding a set of keysBefore you end your tenancy and return your home to us there are a number of things that you have to do.

1. Give notice

Give us at least four weeks' written notice that you are going to leave your home and end your tenancy. This notice can only begin on a Monday and will end on a Monday.

Please use this termination form.

2. Forwarding address

Give us your new address in case we need to contact you.

3. Return the keys

You should return all keys to our reception desk no later than midday on the Monday your tenancy ends and pay any money that is outstanding.

If we do not receive the keys by midday on the Monday, we will charge you another week's rent.

4.     Repairs

You must repair any damage you have caused, or fittings you have neglected and leave the property clean and tidy, and empty of all items.  The internal decorations must be in good condition and the garden tidy and clear of any items. If this is not done, we may charge you for cleaning, decorating, gardening, repairing any damage, and removing and disposing of any items that have been left in the property or garden. 

For more information about returning your home to us and the sort of costs you might have to pay please see our returning your home to us leaflet.

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