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New homes in Trowbridge

Brewery Quarter, Trowbridge

We have worked with Newland Homes to provide 19 new homes at the Brewery Quarter site, on the former Usher's Brewery bottling plant, which is next to Sainsburys in the centre of Trowbridge and close to all local amenities.

All nineteen homes have now been completed. These properties are for social rent and were advertised through Homes 4 Wiltshire.

Charles Street, Trowbridge

Charles St houses

This was a development of nine houses and is a mixture of 2 and 3 bedroom houses. The contractor was Halsall Construction Ltd, they were completed and handed over to tenants on the 21st November 2013.

All properties are for affordable rent and were advertised through Homes 4 Wiltshire.

This was jointly funded with the Homes and Communties Agency (HCA). 

Castle Mead, East Trowbridge

We are working with Persimmon Homes to provide 134 new homes at East Trowbridge This forms part of Persimmon Homes and Charles Church's major new Castle Mead development, the site is sandwiched between West Ashton Road and Paxcroft Mead.

These homes, which are a mixture of apartments and houses, will be handed over in 10 phases.

The first phase of 12 properties was completed at the end of 2012, the next four phases completed in 2013 and the sixth and seventh phases completed in April and July 2014. The final three phases should be completed by spring 2015.

All properties are for affordable rent and will be advertised through Homes 4 Wiltshire.

The funding is from various sources including Selwood Housing, The HCA and Wiltshire Council.

 College Road and Studley Green, Trowbridge

Garage block

Photo shows an area prior to redevelopment

We have redeveloped a number of derelict garage sites and unused pieces of land in Trowbridge. These areas attracted vandalism and other forms of anti-social behaviour. The new properties have not only provided much needed new homes but tidied up these areas immensely.

Chestnut Grove

 Photo shows an area after development

Halsall Construction was the contractor for the College estate, the areas redeveloped included College Road, Beech Grove, Larch Grove, Chestnut Grove and Maple Grove and were a mixture of houses and bungalows. All properties were completed in November 2012.

CJ Deighton & Co was the contractor for the Studley Green estate, the areas redeveloped included Lambrok Close, Sheridan Gardens and Summerleaze and were a mixture of houses and apartments. All properties were completed in December 2012.

The new homes have been built to Code for Sustainable Homes level 3, which includes increased insulation to improve energy performance ratings and have solar panels to assist with their hot water. All properties were for affordable rent and advertised through Homes 4 Wiltshire.

 Prospect Place, Trowbridge

Prospect Place, Trowbridge was a major development for us. It has 49 homes, is close to a conservation area and forms a key gateway into Trowbridge town centre.

These homes included a mix of family sized houses and apartments. All of the homes are let at affordable rents. 41 homes are let at social rents, and eight apartments will be let at an intermediate rent targeting key workers and those in employment but on low incomes who would not ordinarily qualify for social housing.

The development was finally completed in May 2011, there was a delay as the orginal contractor went into administration.

The design of the homes is of a high standard and the homes were built to CSH3 (which means they are highly efficient and use renewable energy such as solar panels for heating hot water) and they also included Lifetime Homes features.

We jointly funded this development with the Homes & Communities Agency.

 Row of new homes 

St Johns Crescent, Trowbridge

This was a development of nine family sized homes for affordable rent, which included houses and bungalows. We were awarded the Trowbridge Town Council design enhancement award for Oak Park.

All homes were built to CSH3, the homes also come with lots more environmentally friendly features including energy efficient light bulbs, high level of insulation, cycle storage, composter, water butt and recycling storage. Lifetime home principles have also been incorporated. The scheme completed in June 2009.

We jointly funded the development with the Homes & Communities Agency.

 Lambrok Road, Trowbridge

This development scheme was for seven affordable homes which was a mix of two and three bedroom houses.

The development started on site in October 2008 and was completed in July 2009. All homes are built to CSH3 and incorporated lifetime home principles.

We jointly funded the development with the Homes & Communities Agency.

 Seymour and Downside Park Estates

The 17 affordable homes were built on derelict garage sites on the Seymour and Downside Park estates. The developments not only provided much needed affordable homes but contributed to the regeneration and physical renewal of the estate.

Work started in February 2009, and the homes were all completed by December 2009.

The design of the homes is of a high standard and the homes were built to CSH3 and to the principles of the Lifetime Homes standards.

Row of terraced houses

We jointly funded the development with the Homes & Communities Agency. 

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