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Selwood Lifeline & telecare add ons


Selwood Lifeline is an emergency alarm service that helps you live as independently as possible in your own home.  Some people also call this kind of service telecare.

At the touch of a button we provide an instant response service that ensures you have help available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Visit our website at for more information or download our leaflet.

 A happy lady who uses Selwood Lifeline with her granddaughter

Selwood Lifeline is for anybody and everybody

Selwood Lifeline is for people of all ages and circumstances who are looking for security and peace of mind   You don't have to live alone to enjoy the benefits.

  • People with an illness or disability
  • Reassurance for people who may be forgetful about their safety
  • People recovering at home after a stay in hospital
  • A sudden illness
  • Older people
  • A security aid for people who live alone

How it works!

When you need help press the red button on your pendant that you wear around your neck or wrist.

When activated, the button connects you to the  call centre Tunstall Communications, which is accredited by the Telecare Services Association.

The  operator will ask you how they can help and contact the most appropriate person.  This could be a relative, friend, neighbour or doctor.

Don't worry if you can't get to your phone as the operator will still contact the most appropriate person.

 HOC Control Room

Selwood Lifeline gives you:

  • Up to date equipment
  • 24 hour call answering service - a team of specialist staff who have all your details on screen in front of them to get you the help you need quickly and easily
  • Equipment maintenance


One of our Selwood Lifelines with an Emergency Button 

Additional telecare add ons available

Lifeline equipment supports people to live independently, by effectively managing their health & well being.  Additional to the above packages where we provide a Lifeline unit and pendant we can also provide add on sensors (also known as telecare products). 

Please visit the Selwood Lifeline website for more information about telecare add ons.

For prices and more information please contact us on 01225 715715 or email:

If you have a disability or chronic illness you may be exempt from VAT.

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