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Frequently asked questions


Q: How can I find out more information about Selwood Lifeline?

A: Visit our website at  Here you can find information about Selwood Lifeline, how it works and what add on sensors are available.

Q: Do we have to pay an installation charge?

A: No, the charge includes installation, monitoring, testing, admin and repairs.  You would only be charged for lost equipment or if you deliberately damaged the equipment.

Q: How many responders can I have?

A: As many as you would like.

Q: I would like to be a responder but I don't live near the Lifeline user can they still have a Lifeline?

A: Yes, they can use family / friends / neighbours as responders. 

Q: Can we have Lifeline if we don't live in a Selwood house?

A: Yes, most of our Lifeline customers live in their own homes.   We supply and fit Selwood Lifeline anywhere within an hour of our offices.

Q: Can anyone have Lifeline or is it just for older people?

A: Lifeline is available to everyone

Q: How far is the coverage?

A: This depends on the property and location.  We test this on installation.


Q: Will my unit still work once our area has gone digital?

A: Yes

Q: If my needs change what happens?

A: If you or your relatives feel your needs have changed please contact us and we will arrange a re-assessment.

Q: What happens if my battery starts to run low?

A: When the battery gets low it automatically sends a message to the call centre and we will come and replace it.

Q: What happens if I have a powercut?

A: It's ok as the unit has a 30 hour backup battery life.


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