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Care homes and supported living



We own and manage 10 registered care homes and 9 supported living schemes across Wiltshire and the surrounding areas.  We also own a day centre in Salisbury.

Care Homes 

Our care homes are for adults with learning difficulties and / or physical disabilities who require specialist housing care. 

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We have a group of partners who manage these services and provide specialist care and support to our tenants.  

  • Leonard Cheshire - Leonard Cheshire Disability supports over 21,000 disabled people in the UK and works in 52 countries.
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  • Turning Point - Turning Point provides services for people with complex needs, including those affected by drug and alcohol misuse, mental health problems and those with a learning disability.
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  • Voyage Care - Voyage Care have a range of care and support solutions for people with a variety of specialist needs. These currently include learning disability, autistic spectrum disorders, physical disabilities, acquired brain injuries, neurological impairments and mental health.
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  • White Horse Care Trust - White Horse Care Trust are a Wiltshire-based charity dedicated to providing support to adults with learning and other physical disabilities.

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  •  Wiltshire Council - provides support to a number of tenants through Lifeways Community Care. Tenants are supported to live in shared homes with staff on site 24 hours a day.



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Housing with support service for people with mental health issues 


We currently have a service in Bradford-on-Avon that provides accommodation with support to adults with mental health issues.  We help the tenants to gain independent living skills and provide the support needed to maintain their tenancies. Photo of homes at Poulton

Our service has ten purpose built flats with a communal lounge and office on site.  We have staff available for 20 hours per week to provide housing related support.  Tenancies on these properties are for as long as the individual needs - there is no time limit to this service.

Additionally we work in conjunction with the community mental health team who provide tenants with medical and therapeutic support.


How do I apply?

For more information about applying to live in one of our supported living schemes please contact Independent Living on 01225 715715 or email

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