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Housing for people with mental health support needs


We have 10 purpose-built flats for people with long-term mental health support needs. 

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 "Our community couldn't be better - it's really quiet down here, and we never get any trouble."


Support offered

We offer individual, long-term packages and can give support or advice with:

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  • housing rights and responsibilities
  • managing money, claiming benefits and paying bills
  • having a healthy diet, planning meals and shopping
  • keeping homes clean and comfortable
  • keeping in touch with family and friends
  • filling in forms and understanding letters
  • getting things fitted to make living in your home easier
  • accessing local activities and organising travel in your area
  • accessing health and care facilities
  • keeping safe.

We work closely with the Community Mental Health Team and other agencies to make sure we cover all of the support needed for each of our clients.

We use needs assessments and support plans to work around your needs, focusing on person centred planning.

Is there a charge?

No, the service is free to clients through Wiltshire Council funding.

Who can access the service?

Our service is for people who have been or are supported by the Community Mental Health Team.

When we have a vacancy, we form a panel with members from Wiltshire Council and the Community Mental Health Team to decide who would be best suited for the service.

If you would like to refer someone to the Community Mental Health Team, you can contact them on 01225 325680.

How do I find out more?

If you'd like more information, please phone Independent Living on 01225 715 715 or email  


We want your opinion

There are opportunities to make a difference by becoming involved in tenant groups.

For further information please visit the Make a difference page

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