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Our approach to equality and diversity  

We  value and appreciate diversity in the way that we are run and deliver our services, by ensuring that equality of opportunity and appreciating diversity are integral to all of our activities.


Mother looking into cot at her baby daughterEquality is essentially about creating a fairer society, where everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their potential, to participate fully in the economic and social life of the community and to have access to the services that they need. It is supported by legislation designed to address unfair discrimination.

Equality is often summarised in terms of equal access, equal treatment and equal outcomes.


Diversity is about recognising and valuing differences in their broadest sense. It is about creating a society that respects and values differences. There cannot be equality of opportunity if differences are not recognised and valued in this way. Diversity principles accept that the mixture of people and their cultures and experiences should be harnessed for the benefit of everyone.

We recognise the diverse population we serve, and the wide staff demographic we have and as such, are committed to promoting diversity and equality of opportunity as an employer and as a provider of services. The link between quality service delivery to the diverse community and the quality management and development of staff is intrinsic to our good employment practices.

Strategies, approaches and action plans

The documents below set our our strategies, approaches and action plans. 


Race equality action plan 2011


Single equalities and diversity policy

Gender equality action plan

Disability equality action plan November 2011

Religon or belief equality action plan 2013

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