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Snow and ice safety

We maintain safe access to our sheltered schemes, supported housing schemes and our office during severe winter weather. 

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and Occupiers Liability Act, we need to make sure that we take all reasonable steps to protect people from known dangers that we know reasonably exist. Our general duty of care will increase where areas are used by older, less mobile or other vulnerable people.

Sheltered and supported housing responsibilities

Our insurers Zurich let us know that we do not have a legal obligation to grit or clear areas due to snow and ice.  We have therefore decided not grit or clear pathways or roads on our sheltered housing schemes.

We do need to make sure tenants in schemes are made aware that the paths are not treated and therefore would be hazardous to walk on.

Care and support staff will be required to:

  • where appropriate restrict access to certain areas using appropriate signage "no access due to snow and ice"
  • let residents and visitors know of any local arrangements using signage and notices
  • make sure that appropriate safety notices are clearly displayed on all normal existing routes (or those identified through the risk assessment)
  • make sure that all safety notices are removed when conditions improve
  • as part of the general client risk assessment include a risk assessment assessing the tenants' ability to manage their wellbeing during periods of inclement weather and advise accordingly.
  • each autumn care and support will create a winter action plan to ensure all staff understands what is required in terms of direct assistance/guidance to be provided tenants. this will also include liaison with external agencies.

Office responsibilities

We will undertake regular but very limited gritting and snow clearance activity to maintain cleared areas of ground.

The manager responsible for our office facilities will agree with the caretaker team manager the areas to be gritted and cleared of snow.

The areas to be treated will include the group offices, a path from the reception to the visitor car parking area and the foot path around the perimeter of the main building at Selwood office.

The caretaker team manager will have the equipment and materials required to deliver the objectives of the guidance note.

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