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Former tenant arrears

We expect you to pay us any money you still owe us when you leave one of our properties. You could owe us money for rent, the cost of clearing your property, or work we have carried out for you while you were a tenant.

The best way to make payment is in full.  Click here to see what methods of payments we accept.  If you unable to pay in full, call us immediately on 01225 715 715 and ask to discuss clearing your former tenancy arrears.

If you do not make payments or keep to an agreement that we make with you, we can take legal action to recover the debt. This will result in you having a county court judgment against you, which could prevent you from getting credit. It also will enable us to force you to make payments, and you will be liable for court costs.

Owing money to us will also make it harder for you to get another home through the choice based lettings system.

Do you know someone who owes us money?

Please fill out our former tenant arrears form if you have contact information for someone who still owes us money from when they lived in one of our homes. We will use this information to try to collect the money that they owe us so we can use it to provide our services.

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