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Managing your money



Benefits will only be paid into a bank account.  Find Information about basic bank accounts and how to open one up.

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Benefits are an important source of income for many of you.  Make sure you're getting the benefits you're entitled to as many are getting reduced due to welfare reform.

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Borrowing money

There are different types of lending.  Whilst some ways are good ways to borrow money, some are very bad...and even illegal.  Find out which ways are the best to borrow.

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If you can’t manage your household budget you are likely to fall into debt. To manage a budget you need to understand how much money you have coming in and how much you have going out each month / week. Find out how you can do this.

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 Dealing with debt

If your debt has gotten out of hand, you should get proper debt advice from either our money matters service or from another organisation. 

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Finding a job

The government is making changes to the benefit system to promote work and personal responsibility. If your benefits are being reduced, you may want to use these tips to help you find a job.

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Reducing your energy bills

The two main ways to reduce your bills are to make your home more energy efficient and to find a better deal by switching providers. Find out more.  

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