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Young man with bills and wallet looking worriedDealing with debt

Most people have some form of debt.  Sometimes debt gets out of hand and we find that we can no longer repay the money we owe.  If you are experiencing any of the following you should get proper debt advice from either our money matters service or from another organisation:

  • You have rent or mortgage arrears because you are paying this money to your creditors
  • You cannot buy food or heat your home because you need this money to pay your creditors
  • You are buying food and other essentials on credit cards or other forms of lending
  • You are being called upon by people trying to collect debts from you.

Money matters

Our money matters service gives debt and budgeting advice.  Our fully trained debt advisers are very approachable and won’t judge you.  Here are some past successes:

  • Mrs Jones* received a payment of £1300, increased her weekly income by £26 and reduced her outgoings
  • Miss Tunball* wrote off  £1000 of debt from utilities company, received a grant for a new cooker and got a 15% discount off her utility bills.
  • Mr Smith* reduced his Wessex Water payments.  He also was guaranteed to be able to write off £1000 of debt if he kept up with his affordable payments for two years

 *all names have been changed

We can help you sort out your priorities so you can start repaying what is important at affordable levels.  We can often increase the amount you have to spend each week because we always make sure there is enough left over to pay for food and other household bills. Find out more about our Money Matters service: how to manage your money leaflet. If you would like to talk to someone confidentially please call 01225 715715 or email

Other help

If you would rather talk to someone else about money advice or debt problems here are some other organisations that could help:

Citizens Advice BureauCitizens Advice Bureau logo

The Citizens Advice Bureau offer a free, through the door service.

Wiltshire: you can call them on 0844 499 4106 from Tuesday - Friday between 10 am  - 3 pm or visit the Wiltshire Citizens Advice Bureau website.

Somerset: you can call 07930 635597 to make an appointment in Shepton Mallet or visit the Mendip Citizens Advice Bureau website.

National Debt HelplineNational Debtline logo

The National Debt Helpline offers free, confidential, expert advice over the telephone or by email. You can contact them on 0808 808 4000 or visit the National Debtline website

If you owe over £5000 then they may be able to set you up with a free debt management plan to help you pay off your creditors.

Money Advice Trust

Money Advice Trust logoThe Money Advice Trust offers a complete guide to dealing with your debts. The guide is comprehensive and free. To request a copy you can contact them on 0808 808 4000 or you can click here to download a copy of the guide.


 Money Advice Service logo

Money Advice Service

The trained staff at the Money Advice Service are there to help you work out what’s right for you. If they don’t know the answer, they'll point you in the right direction to someone who does.  You can visit the Money Advice Service website or contact them on 0300 500 5000, which is a normal phone number.  So, if your calls are free, then it's free, even from mobiles.












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