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Young woman on the phone next to computer and newspaperFinding a job

The government is making changes to the benefit system to promote work and personal responsibility. This is called welfare reform.

How to find a job

Employers advertise their jobs many different ways (or not at all).  Here are some places to look so you won't miss out on opportunities: 

  • Jobcentre Plus - thousands of new jobs are available every week. Search for these on jobseekers direct
  • Their own websites - think about employers in your area and search on each of their websites (for example: Selwood Housing, Wiltshire Council, NHS, and Mendip Council)
  • Employment agencies - search for employment agencies in your area or look for them on your local town high street
  • Local newspapers or specialist websites. Search on your browser for jobs and the area you want to work in
  • In person - smaller employers (such as shops and pubs) may never advertise jobs so you will need to go and ask them in person if they have vacancies.

Getting new skills and help to find a job

Doing voluntary work can help you get skills and experience and it can give you the edge over other candidates. You can search for voluntary work on the Jobcentre Plus website.

The government offers a number of programmes and services to help you into work or start your own business - contact Jobcentre Plus for more information.

If you are looking to increase your skills you may be interested in what Wiltshire College has to offer.

Shaw Trust is a national charity that supports disabled and disadvantaged people to prepare for work, find jobs and live more independently.

Two business people interviewing a woman

Applying for a job

Many employers have their own application forms, others will want you to give them a Curriculum Vitae (CV). The BBC has produced some good advice about how to write a CV and links to other sites. You also should check out our top tips.


If you’ve been made redundant or think you are at risk, this this leaflet by the Citizens Advice Bureau will help you find out about your rights, what benefits you may be entitled to, and where you can get more help and information.

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