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Your rent payment card

How to use your card

You can pay your rent at any UK Post Office, PayPoint or Payzone outlet.  You just give your rent payment card along with the cash (or cheque in Post Offices only) to the assistant.  You will be given a receipt, which you need to check to make sure that it shows the correct payment.  Keep all of your receipts, as they are your only proof of payment.  The payment card comes with a wallet that you can keep your receipts in.  Your payment will normally be credited to your rent account within two or three working days.

You will not be charged for using your payment card.

Getting a new card

If you lose the card or it doesn't work please fill out this formWe will then arrange for our suppliers to send you a replacement, which you should receive shortly.  Please contact us on 01225 715 715 if you still haven't received your replacement card 7-10 days after filling out the form.

We will be phasing in new Selwood Housing cards, so please don't worry if you still have a West Wiltshire Housing Society one. 

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