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High level of involvement and commitment at Selwood Housing group


Joining the Scrutiny team

Time Taken: 10 hours + per month 

Our Scrutiny team is a group of customers with a chair that meets quarterly, as well as under taking reviews throughout the year that could take much more time. The team make sure we are doing what we should be by reviewing services.

* Our Scrutiny team are currently recruiting new members *

Give the involvement team a call now on 01225 715715 to find out more information.

Becoming a Tenant board director

Time taken: 10 hours+ per month for 3 years

Selwood Housing has a board of 9 directors who make decisions about what we do in the future of the organisation. 3 of the directors are tenants. We do not always have spaces to join the board but there are many other ways you are able to get involved while you wait for an opportunity to apply.

As a board director you will:

- Complete an application and interview to make sure you have the right skills for the role.

- Be rewarded with an annual salary

- Commit to being a director for 3 years

- Take part in board and committee meetings throughout the year.

A good level of reading and writing skills is required.







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