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The scrutiny team at Selwood Housing Group 

The scrutiny team is an independent group that makes sure we are doing what we should be and checks our quality.

The scrutiny team is part of something called co-regulation, which is where tenants, rather than the government, make sure that housing associations are doing what they should be doing. The team produces reports and recommendations for service improvements for our leadership team and our board.

We currently have eight customers on the scrutiny team:


Jim Harrison, Ian Brereton, Kate Tivney, Steve Grant, Donna Broomham and Julianne Colbran (chair) (pictured left to right)

Not pictured: Norman Tapp, Kate Scarlett


The latest scrutiny report to be presented to Selwood Housing Group Board can be found below.

Planned maintenance action plan

Planned maintenance report and recommendations

The next scrutiny project is to review parts of the Antisocial behaviour service.

If you’d like to find out more about the scrutiny team and their work please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Antony Higgins on 01225 715721.


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