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Selwood Housing is committed to providing quality services and delivering excellent standards of customer service. 

As a customer of Selwood Housing you have the right to be treated fairly and equally when using any of our services whether in person, by phone, in writing, or online.

When dealing with you we will:

  • Be friendly and honest
  • Be knowledgeable, listen to you and understand your requirements of our housing and repairs services
  • Meet your expectations wherever possible and explain when we cannot
  • Treat you as an individual and how you would like to be treated
  • Respect confidentiality
  • Provide quality services and work continually with you to improve them, through seeking your feedback and learning from things that we do well and not so well
  • Wear identity cards at all times
  • Treat you and your home with respect.

Accessing services

Information for our customers will be available on our website. We will print sections of our web site for customers who do not have internet access and offer training to help people to get on line. We will offer training through The Learning Curve.

We will respond to phone messages and emails within two working days.

We will respond to letters within 10 days.

Antisocial behaviour

If you report antisocial behaviour we will explain what you can expect from us and the roles of our key partners who we may have to direct you to.

We will agree an action plan with you which will be based on ‘risk of harm’.


We will ensure you know how to make a complaint and what to expect from us when you do.

Your home

We will always comply with safety legislation when testing appliances in your home.

We will carry out improvement works in your home dependent on the condition and if:

  • Your bathroom is 30 years old
  • Your kitchen is 20 years old
  • Your windows are 25 years old
  • Your external doors are 25 years old
  • Your electrical installations are 30 years old.

Your repairs

We will agree a date with you for your repair to be completed.

We aim to complete 90% of repairs on our first visit as measured by our independent telephone satisfaction survey.

If we cannot fix your repair when we visit we will keep you informed of the next steps.

We will leave your property clean and tidy.

If we have to charge you for any repairs, we’ll tell you in advance as soon as this is clear.

If you live in a newly built home we will inspect your home after one year to pick up any outstanding repairs you have not already reported.

Letting our homes

We will make sure the homes we let are suitable and affordable for you and that you will be able to look after the property and maintain the tenancy.

We will make sure the quality of your home meets our lettable standard including its energy performance.

Involving you

We will provide a range of ways for customers to get involved

and have their say on how we manage homes and provide services.

Your neighbourhoods

We will use our neighbourhood index in order to better understand the issues in your local area and to better deploy our resources.

Your rent and charges

We offer a variety of easy ways to pay rent including direct debit, cheque, credit and debit cards.

We are clear about our expectations for the repayment of any missed rent. We explain the action we are taking, the legal process, and what the consequences will be.


We will tell you how we are performing on our website.

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