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Repairs & maintenance

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Repairs handbook

Need a repair? You can report it by calling 01225 715715 or emailing

How to report a repair

Find out how you can report day-to-day and emergency repairs.

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Repairs responsibilities

You are responsible for some repairs or you may be charged if we do them for you.

Repair priorities

We try to organise our appointments on a first come first served basis. However, our repair priorities show the exceptions to this rule.

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Gas safety

Each year, we service our gas appliances to make sure your home is safe.

Your gas safety appointment

If your gas safety appointment doesn't suit you, use this form so we can find a better time for you.

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Regular maintenance & planned replacements

We carry out work before it is needed to keep your home in a good condition - click here to see our current programmes.


We carry out an asbestos survey before doing any major works -this is for your and our safety.

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Sewage treatment works

Find out ways to keep your drains running smoothly.

Cold weather advice

Protect against frozen pipes and tanks during cold snaps.

Repairs responsibilities leaflet.

A couple of points have been made to us that we need to clarify about text in the new repairs responsibilties leaflet.

  • Drainage - In the vast majority of cases a blockage is not caused by a fault or collapsed drain. Therefore it is the tenants responsibility to attempt to clear the blockage. If it was found that the blockage was caused by a fault or collapsed drain then we would pay all reasonable costs.
  • Outside of the home -  Where walls, fences and paths are provided by us then we are responsible. Sheds and greenhouses become the responsibility of the tenant at tenancy sign up or have now been gifted to the tenants.


  • Garden paths – If they have not been provided by Selwood Housing, are the responsibility of the tenant. Not all perimeter fences will have been provided by us, in many cases tenants have provided their own. In this case, their maintenance will be the responsibility of the tenant.

The removal of wasps nests and other infestations but excluding rats are the tenant’s responsibility. Where the leaflet refers to the removal of wasps nest and other infestations – ants, squirrels, rats, mice, flees (this should be fleas), birds and bird nests, this has unfortunately been placed in the wrong section of the table. This should be listed under communal areas in which case it is our responsibility.

We are sorry for any confusion and are looking to get these changes made the next time we print the leaflet.

Didn't find what you're looking for?

Our  repairs handbook has everything you need to know about reporting a repair.  It also helps us to manage your enquiry if you refer to it when you ring in about a repair. 

If you would like a copy, or if you have any queries, please contact our customer services team on 01225 715 715 option 1 or email your request with your address to

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