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Our leadership team

Selwood Housing Group is made up of several teams working towards the same mission:

Improving Homes and Communities.

We have a leadership team who drives each area of our service to achieve this goal.

The leadership team is made up of: 

Our group finance director, Diane Hall, ensures we get the best value across all our services and have the finances available to provide a high level of service to our customers.

Our group asset director, Chris George, is responsible for the smooth running of all our repairs contracts and ensuring our homes are kept up to standard. 

Our group development director, Paul Walsh, who drives forward the building of new homes with the aim to build 200 new homes each year by 2019. 

Our group housing director, Verena Buchanan, who is responsible for ensuring our neighbourhoods are places that our customers would like to live. Verena's teams also makes sure that our customers understand and uphold their tenancy agreements and pay their rent.

Our group enterprise director, Rebecca O'Neil, is in charge of growing our business to ensure we are resilient to change. This includes making sure we have income aside from rents to be able to achieve our goals. 

Our group people director, Ria Bristow, ensures that we have the best people for the job working in the organisation and provides training and support to all our staff. Ria is also responsible for customer service across the group, ensuring we provide the best service to our customers. She also has overall management of our health and safety team.

Learning Curve head of operations, Paul Dampier, is in charge of the training organisation The Learning Curve ensuring our customers gain access to courses that help them improve their lives in the way of employability or life skills. 

Our head of finance, Sue Eley, is responsible for budgeting across the business to ensure we have the finances available to reach our goals.

Our head of ICT, Mark Heyworth, is in charge of the smooth running of our communications technology ensuring we have the technology available to be able to successfully achieve our goals. 

Our head of procurement, Ian Harrington, makes sure that all of our contracts are correct and fair ensuring that major projects are run in a legal and appropriate way. 

Our head of property, Chris Newbury, is in charge of our repairs and improvement strategy ensuring our homes have the components needed by our tenants to live functionally and comfortably. Chris also currently has day to day management of Silcoa.

The leadership team reports to our group chief executive Barry Hughes who is committed to ensuring a smooth running service for our customers and makes sure they receive the best service possible. 

Barry Hughes, group chief executive

Portrait picture of Barry HughesBarry Hughes is in charge of the overall organisation. He is responsible for making sure that it runs smoothly and that we deliver the targets and plans set by the board of directors. He manages the leadership team and has direct responsibility for our customer support, neighbourhood services, development and enterprise teams.

Barry graduated from Cambridge University with a maths degree.  He trained as a management accountant and worked in media for 10 years. He later became finance director for Metro Newspaper and the Evening Standard.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do - even at the highest levels. 

Our leadership team reviews what our tenants tell us in questionnaires, polls, compliments and complaints so they can take their opinions into account when making decisions and looking for opportunities to improve.

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