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Reporting an emergency 

If you need help when we are closed, call 01225 715 999 for the emergency out of hours service. 

This number only deals with real emergencies such as: 

  • Water or sewage leaks
  • Electrical faults (but please check your trip switch and appliances first)
  • Storm damage to your property
  • Obscene/racist/inflammatory/personally offensive graffiti

Contractors will make the area safe by doing a temporary repair, and will let us know if further work needs to be done during normal working hours.

Gas leaks 

All gas leaks must be reported to the National Gas Emergency number 0800 111999 or Minicom 0800 371787.

More emergency information

For further information on emergency repairs please refer to your  repairs handbook. 

Call outs that are reported to the emergency line, that are not classed as emergencies may be charged.

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