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Repair Priorities

When you tell us about a repair we will discuss the problem and decide how quickly we will deal with it. We group repairs into response time categories. The times are  measures from the date you report the problem to us.


We will get someone to your home as soon as possible and make the situation safe within 4 hours.

This is for repairs that are needed to remove immediate danger to people and avoid flooding

or major damage to the property.

It is also to make the property secure, or in some cases to get the heating or electricity back on. We will usually only do work to make the situation safe. We will let you know when we will come back to do further work, if this is needed.


We will arrange an appointment with you.

This is for work inside or outside your home where the problem does not present a danger to occupants or the public.

Planned work

 We put certain non-urgent repairs into batches of work that can be carried out all together in an area. This is more efficient and costs less.

Repairs under guarantee

Repairs may not alway fall under our general policy if the problem results from major work that had been done to your home or if your home is brand new. Instead, the work may be guaranteed, which means we would have to get the builders back to do it. If there is a general problem that affects a number of homes, the builder may wait to do the work together.

We will let you know if your repair is under guarantee.

Property MOTs 

In certain circumstances we may choose to undertake an MOT inspection on your home. We will inspect key parts of your home, such as the bathroom and kitchen, and identify any small repairs that are necessary. These will then be completed on the same visit. In some circumstances this could become an annual occurrence for your property. We will advise you if your property meets our requirement for MOT.

We may need to look at a problem before repair work can be ordered. We do this by appointment.

Priority based on vulnerability

When you contact us about a repair, we will give you higher priority if you are considered vulnerable and the repair

affects your condition. You may be considered vulnerable due to age, disability or medical condition. We may also

take into account households with young children.



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