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Cold weather advice

A window from the inside with a snowy scene outside

Protect against frozen pipes and tanks during cold snaps -

  • Keep your heating running in all rooms so that your pipes don't get cold enough to freeze. 
  • Open your loft hatch occasionally to protect against a frozen water tank.  This will allow some of the heat from the house to enter the roof space and help prevent pipework and the cold water tank freezing.
  •  Make sure you know where your stopcock is and check that it is working, because if pipework is already frozen then the thawing could lead to a leak.

Click here for a flyer with 10 tips for protecting your home against a 'big freeze.'


Getting the most out of your storage heaters.

We've put together some advice on how to get the most out of your storage heaters.  Our fact sheet gives you advice on how to use them properly and what to do if you think there is a problem.

Click here to download our fact sheet about storage heaters.

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