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Selwood Homes Standard

The Government had set a target in 2002 for all social housing homes to be 'decent' by 2010, and set out what standards these homes should meet.  By December 2010, all of our homes met the standard and we are now working towards our Selwood Homes Standard, which goes beyond the decent homes standard.

Meeting our Selwood Homes Standard

We developed this standard with you, and we will achieve it by:

  • monitoring the condition of our properties.  Our surveyors complete a future major maintenance works survey for each home once every five years
  • carrying out a programme of work to make sure that all homes meet our Selwood Homes Standard whilst achieving good value for money.

What was expected from the decent homes standard?

A decent home is wind and weather tight, warm and has modern facilities. A decent home must meet the current statutory minimum standard for housing, be in a reasonable state of repair, have reasonably modern facilities and services and provide a reasonable degree of thermal comfort. 

All of our homes meet this decent homes standard, for more information read our Selwood homes standard leaflet. 

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