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Modernising your homes   

We aim to continually improve the standard of our homes. We run a modernisation programme to update your home, which includes things like replacing kitchens and bathrooms, re-roofing. Where we need to work in your home, we will write to you to tell you giving you at least two weeks notice.

If you would like to know if your home is scheduled to be in any of our modernisation programmes, please contact us on 01225 715 715 and ask for the asset support team or email your name, address and what programmes you are interested in to us at 

Trickle transfer properties

Trickle properties are properties that transferred from WWDC from 1996-2001 (in practice 1997-2001) under the LSVT transfer agreement. Under the agreement the transferring properties may have works carried out, prior to transfer, if they met the deemed criteria. Properties became eligible for transfer when the property became empty.  

The criteria set for the transferring property was that it  should not require major maintenance for a period of 7 years, have a full heating system, have adequate wall and loft  insulated,  have extract fans, sufficient electrical sockets and have double glazing. Each property was surveyed by the Society and a schedule produced for agreement with WWDC.  As such each property had the work it required as opposed to a set list.

As an example, for a kitchen to be fully  replaced it would need to have been due for replacement within 7 years from when the property became empty. A kitchen that did not meet this criteria would not be fully modernised but would still  have any necessary repairs carried out and brought up to a minimum standard which in practice would extend the life of the kitchen.

Green deal launch



  • Installing condensing boilers
  • Upgrading heating controls
  • Fuel switch   

Building fabric:

  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Loft insulation
  • Lighting fittings

Micro Generation:

  • Air Source heat pumps
  • Solar thermal
  • Solar PV

Solar Panels

We are currently looking at insalling Solar panels on approximately 260 of our properties which are not connected to this gas network.  This work is dependent on Government funding and if it goes ahead is likely to start in early/mid 2016. 

Major maintenance surveys

We carry out a major maintenance survey on our homes every ten years, and we use the information from these surveys to decide which homes need work done (things like windows, kitchens, roofs). 

The work might be done as part of a programme with other homes that need similar work done – this helps us get better value for money

Boiler replacement programme

We decide what boilers need to be replaced based on their age and type.  They will be replaced with modern, high efficient systems in keeping with government recommendations.

The contractor  completing most of our work is  Gregor heating.  We will be upgrading 350 boilers and radiators where we have identified a need during 2015-2016.

Gregor is currently carrying out installations in Trowbridge, Melksham, Dilton Marsh.

Fuel switch - we offer change from electric storage heaters and replace with gas.


We are currently re-roofing around 75 -100 properties per year. Prior & Co are our main contractor.


We have a window replacement programme. We expect to replace windows in approximately  300 properties in 2015-2016. Anglian windows are our main contractor.

External painting and repairs

We will complete painting work to more than 700 of our homes during the 2015-2016 financial year. The work is scheduled by area over a five year cyclical programme.

Bagnalls & Sons are our external painting contractor.  









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