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Regular maintenance & planned works

We plan the long-term maintenance of our homes.  This means that we can carry out the work before repairs are needed so your home is kept in good condition.  We try to work on a group of homes at the same time to keep costs down, which will help keep your rent as low as possible.

If your home is part of a programme of planned works, we will always write to tell you beforehand.  We divide maintenance into regular maintenance and planned works. 

Regular maintenance:

This includes:

  • servicing gas applicances
  • testing electrical equipment
  • servicing electric-heating systems
  • servicing solid-fuel heating systems
  • decorating shared areas in blocks of flats and sheltered schemes, and
  • servicing lifts and sprinklers

We do some regular maintenance every year (such as gas servicing) while others are on a longer timescale (such as outside painting, which is done every five years or so).

Planned works:

This includes:

  • replacing kitchens and bathrooms
  • electrical test and inspection/upgrade
  • replacing windows and doors
  • re-roofing
  • Boiler replacement
  • External painting and repairs

Click here to find information on our current planned replacement programmes.

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