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Information about your home and neighbourhood

We provide most of our housing services through our neighbourhood services team.  You should contact your neighbourhood manager about anything to do with your tenancy agreement with us. 

You can find lots of useful information about your home and neighbourhood using the links below:

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Mother and her children

Patio area

Girl outside home with papers

Neighbourhood caretakers

Find out about our caretaking service!

Neighbourhood planning

We're working to improve our homes and communities...

Neighbourhood improvements

Find out how to request an improvement!

Neighbourhood inspections

We make sure our neighbourhoods are places you want to live!

Man in top hat and trench coat with magnifying glass 

Woman overlooking baby in cot with mobile in foreground   Semi-detached house

garages with blue doors and houses in background

 Social housing fraud

Let us know if you suspect that someone might be committing social housing fraud.

Home contents insurance

Don't take the gamble - insure your belongings with our scheme


Antisocial behaviour

We'll work with you to combat antisocial behaviourYou can report antisocial behaviour with this online form. 

Our garages

All about renting our garages.

 Bath toys in bubbly bath

Young woman in grey and green jumper with a mug

Hand using paint roller

Older man gardening with his granddaughter

Sewage treatment

We own a number of sewage treatment works in West Wiltshire 

Our parking policy

We worked with tenants to create this policy

 Decorating club

See if you're eligible to join our decorating club

Gardening club

See if you're eligible to join our gardening club


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