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Anti-social behaviour

Read our Anti-social behaviour policy

Everyone living in and around our neighbourhoods has a duty to make sure that their behaviour (and the behaviour of their visitors) does not have a negative impact on the people living around them.
We take all reports of anti-social behaviour seriously.  We have policies and procedures, which aim to support these commitments and provide a timely solution to any reports that we receive.  
Your report of anti-social behaviour is important to us.  Should you have to contact us, we will respond within 48 hours; unless it is a serious matter where there is a hate element, in which case we will respond within 24 hours. 
What is not anti-social behaviour?
Activities that are reasonably produced by peoples' lifestyles, are not usually considered as anti-social.  We need to be clear that there is no action that we can or will take as a landlord.
Here are some examples of this:
The noise of (upstairs) neighbours walking across floors.
Washing machine noises (unless very late at night).
Vacuum cleaner noise.
Lawn mower noise.
Playing football outside.
Children playing outside.
Cooking smells.
Doing DIY.
Occasional and one-off events (celebrations, special occasions).
If what you are reporting to us is not considered to be anti-social behaviour, we will be very clear about telling you this.

If you feel that our response to your complaint about anti-social behaviour has been inadequate and you want an independent review of your case, you can ask for a Community Trigger Review of your case.  For further information please go to or

We work closely with partners in Wiltshire and Somerset to ensure that the neighbourhoods in which we have homes are safe neighbourhoods.  To do this we work with:

Wiltshire Council

Mendip District Council

Bath and North East Somerset Council

South Somerset District Council

Wiltshire Police

Avon and Somerset Police

Adult and Children's Services

Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust


Splitz, Richmond Fellowship, and Turning Point






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