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Rent a garage

We have lots of garages to rent across West Wiltshire - in Melksham, Bradford on Avon, Trowbridge, Warminster, Westbury and their surrounding villages.Self storage wiltshire Most of these can be used for storage so you can put more than just cars in them. But you must not store:

Any petrol or flammable/explosive materials or liquid in our garages.  this includes items such as gas cylinders.

Anything that is likely to create a health hazard.  This includes food and other items that may attract vermin, or create noise or odour.

You can see a maps of where the garages are located in our major towns, by clicking on the below links. Alternatively you can find a full list of where our garages are located including those in the surrounding villages on the back of our application form or you can contact our customer services on 01225 715 715 who will take the relevant details from you.

Map of garages in Trowbridge

Map of garages  in Bradford on Avon

Map of garages in Melksham

Map of garages in Warminster

Map of garages in Westbury

Rent a garage

We often have vacancies and in many areas you can get a garage very quickly. Where there is higher demand, we keep a waiting list in date order from the receipt of the application but prioritise our tenants.

Where possible, we'll give preference to applicants who live closest to the garage being allocated.

If you would like to rent a garage or self storage space, please download an application form.  You can fill out the form on your computer, save it and then email it back to us at  Or, you can contact customer services who can send you a form that you can complete and post back to us.

Improving our garages

We are carrying out a refurbishment programme of our garages.  For more information, please contact customer services on 01225 715 715.

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