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Neighbourhood caretakersA man smiling in a Selwood van with a woman outside

We have a team of caretakers to carry out essential tasks in your neighbourhoods.

They deal with a range of issues, and you will often see them out and about in their vans or on foot around your
neighbourhood and estate.

The neighbourhood caretaker team are there to:

  • keep the shared areas within our blocks and flats clean and tidy
  • carry out many additional tasks, including litter
    collection (please make their job easier and purchase a wheelie bin)
  • do basic repairs
  • remove graffiti
  • collect leaves
  • change communal light bulbs
  • clear gutters and drains.


How to get a wheelie bin

If you don't have one already, please get a wheelie bin.  This will save our neighbourhood caretakers from having to clear your rubbish, which costs everyone money and keeps them from providing other services for you.

If you live in Wiltshire, you can get a bin by contacting; if you live in Somerset, please contact Mendip District Council.


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