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A member of staff putting a notice on an untaxed vehicleOur parking policy

We have recently changed our parking policy so it's easier to understand. We know that parking is limited and can be a problem in the areas you live, but by following some simple steps you can reduce the problems that occur:

  • Park considerately so you don’t block pavements
  • Use parking spaces if they are available
  • Park on your drive if you have one
  • Don’t park on grass verges.

Remember no-one has the right to park outside their home - any car that is taxed and insured can park on the road. Disabled parking bays (unless marked for a certain car) can be used by anyone displaying a disabled blue badge.

We will:

  • Consider proposals from tenants to improve car parking
  • Continue to maintain and support existing parking
  • Work with tenants to improve the use of existing car parking
  • Replace/transfer parking to more appropriate areas if feasible and cost effective.

We now also allow parking in front of garages rented by the tenant, their visitor or family members. This is for short periods only and is only allowed if it does not affect others or cause obstruction.

For more information, please refer to our    Parking policy.

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