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Looking for a home

We have:

  • more than 6,000 homes for affordable rent
  • homes for intermediate rent (80% of market, or usual, rent)
  • leasehold homes
  • sheltered housing
  • shared ownership homes.

Please let us know if you think someone may be committing social housing fraud so we can be sure these homes go to people who need them.  Social housing fraud includes things like illegal subletting, letting a family member or friend stay on after the tenant moved out and unauthorised mutual exchanges.

In this section

This section gives you information on how you can go about living in one of these homes as well as what you need to do if you want to move out or purchase your home. 

Renting a home

Thinking about renting one of our homes?  Find out more by clicking on the links below.

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two houses with solar panels

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How to rent a home

Find out how to register and bid for affordable homes, homes for intermediate rent and HomeBuy.

Homes available to let

We may have some sheltered apartments available to let directly through us.

New homes

See if you would like to bid on one of the new homes we are building.

Leasehold homes

We own the leasehold on a number of homes-find out more about them.

Moving home

Thinking about moving in or out of one of our homes?  Use the links below to find out what you need to do and see our page with useful information for movers.

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Stack of moving boxes

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Home transfers

Find out what you need to do to move into another one of our homes.

Mutual exchanges

Find out what steps you should take to 'swap' homes with someone!

Ending your tenancy

What you need to do to end your tenancy.

Ending a tenancy after a bereavement

What you need to do to end a tenancy when someone has passed away.


Want to purchase the home you're renting?

You may be able to buy your home under the preserved right to buy - click here to find out more information about right to buy and acquire. 


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