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Customer access statement 


We are committed to providing quality services to all our customers who are eligible to receive them, regardless of race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion or belief or no belief. 

We will make sure that all our customers can access our services as set out in our single equalities and diversity policy.  We will measure tenant satisfaction to  make sure that services provided to tenants from ethnic minority groups or with disabilities, regardless of gender, age, gender identity, religion or belief or no belief and sexual orientation, is equal to or greater than the satisfaction levels of the rest of our tenants.  Read more about our approach to equality and diversity.


Our office accessibility

Our office is fully accessible with clear information on our opening times and the out of hours emergency number for emergency repairs. To make sure that all customers can access our offices we have:

  • A man and neighbourhood manager sitting in receptionLowered reception desk counter area so that wheelchair user customers have access
  • Seating available in reception for disabled and elderly visitors who are waiting to be seen
  • Toilet facilities in reception that are fully accessible for customers with disabilities
  • Hearing loop in reception
  • Portable hearing loop for use in any of the reception private rooms
  • Sign language interpreter service available at the customer's request for customers with hearing and speech impairments
  • Language interpreter service that is clearly advertised
  • Current Selwood Housing information leaflets and forms that are available in accessible formats and translations on request
  • Appointments available on request
  • Private rooms available that are clearly signed

When you come in

  • a member of the customer services team will see you within five minutes of your arrival in reception
  • we will increase the number of staff on reception to two if there are more than two customers in the queue


Phoning us

When you contact us by phone we provide:

  • Interpreter service for customers who are limited English speakers

 When you contact us by phone on our main number 01225 715715 we will:

  • Answer your call within 15 seconds at least 90% of the time
  • Aim to deal with your enquiry at first point of contact. If we have to pass a call to another person, we will ask relevant questions to make sure that it is the correct person to help you. The transferred call will be answered within 15 seconds
  • Provide a voicemail service that you can use in busy periods. The customer services team will deal with your message the same day as it is received

 When you contact us by phone on a direct line number we will:

  • Answer your call within 15 seconds unless there is no one free to take your call. If this happens, it will take longer for your call to be answered
  • Reply to voicemail messages by the end of the next working day

When our office is closed we have:

  • An out of hours service for emergency repairs by phoning 01225 715 999
  • you can contact us via email at

Writing to you

When we write to you we will:

  • Write to you in a polite, clear and easy to understand way, using Plain English
  • Communicate with you in a way that meets your communication needs including: translated letters and documents, large print, Braille, easy access letters (pictorial) and audio
  • Include the name, job title, direct phone number and email details of the member of staff that has written the letter.

Responding when you write

When you write, email or fax us:

  • We will answer you within five working days. If a full reply is not possible, an acknowledgement will be sent within five working days, and a full written reply within a further five working days.
  • This applies to all correspondence that doesn't relate to specific procedures, such as complaints and right to buy applications.

Responding to complaints

If you want to make a complaint we will:

  • Take ownership of problems.
  • Follow up and settle complaints.
  • Apologise for any mistakes and learn from them.
  • Aim to sort out any customer concerns straight away and informally before the matter becomes a formal complaint.
  • Let you know that if the informal resolution is not to your satisfaction, you can make a formal complaint and explain how you can do this.
  • Log complaints on our IT system.
  • Let you know that we have received your complaint within five working days and send you a full written reply within a further 10 working days. If a full reply is not possible, we will contact you within the further 10 working day period and give you a date for a reply.
  • Aim to sort out complaints at stage one of the three-stage complaints procedure.


Your feedback

We're here to provide services to you and the more we know about what you think, the better our services will be.  Listening to you is important to us. We want to make sure that our services are shaped around your needs by seeking and responding to your views. You can make a difference.

If you would like to give us feedback, fill in customer satisfaction forms and send them back to us.  

We look at all of them and make any changes that we can to the way that services are being delivered to you.

Follow this link to find how else you can make a difference. 

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