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A couple unpacking some moving boxesChoice based lettings

We do not have our own waiting list for housing. To apply for most of our affordable homes you need to be registered with the choice based lettings service operated by your council.  Once you have registered, you can apply or bid for a home

We sometimes have sheltered apartments or homes for immediate rent available to rent directly through us.  Please click here for more information on our houses available to let.

Registering with a choice based letting service

You can register by:

  • contacting  your council
  • visiting the Homes 4 Wiltshire website if you would like an affordable home in Wiltshire. 
  • visiting the Homefinder Somerset website if you would like an affordable home in Somerset.

Applying or bidding for a home

You can find out what homes are available by visiting Homes4Wiltshire and Homefinder Somerset or by going to either our office or your council.  You can also contact your council and request that they mail them to you directly.

To apply or bid for a home in Wiltshire:

To apply or bid for a home in Somerset

Government Welfare Reform

If you need help to pay your rent with housing benefit, there are important changes you need to know about following the beginning of the Welfare Reforms which started in April 2013.  If you are under 61 and bid for homes that give you a spare bedroom, housing benefit will not cover all your rent . Click here before you bid!

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