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Our corporate plan and annual report

Annual report

Alternatively, watch the animated version of the annual report below.

We produce an annual report so that our customers can easily review our performance and the money we spend. This covers the financial year from April 2019 to March 2020. It is published online in September and all our customers receive a copy by email or printed version in the post.

The annual report includes information on a variety of areas such as repairs, neighbourhoods and customer service, and features results from recent satisfaction surveys.

Last year we said we wanted to:

Implement recommendations from reviews made by our scrutiny team, for example the empty property (‘void’) process and responsive repairs. The scrutiny team made four recommendations on improvements to how we manage the responsive repairs service. As a result, our customer services staff will be completing additional training and we are changing the way we communicate about repairs on our website. Ten recommendations were made in relation to the management of empty properties and we are working our way through these.

Reduce the length of time it takes to carry out a non-emergency repair. This has increased from an average of 25.5 days in the financial year 2018-19 to 28.4 days in 2019-20. We saw a rise in multiple repairs at individual properties, and to improve service we tried to group them together where possible. As a result, we ended up taking more time to get them all completed. We have now reviewed the process and made it simpler and more straightforward, which should help to reduce overall timescales for repairs.

We have also done well in:

  • Reducing the time it takes to re-let a home, for the third year running, to only 27.25 days on average
  • Reducing rent arrears to 1.14%, a further improvement on the previous two years and one of the lowest levels in the country

Looking ahead

Our targets for the 2020-2021 financial year will be impacted by coronavirus, but we are confident that we can safely deliver services to customers in line with government guidance.

We also intend to continue to roll out an ambitious kitchen and bathroom replacement scheme and to deliver 1,000 affordable new homes by 2025.