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We work with customer to give them the opportunity to influence decisions about the way their homes are managed and how money is spent.

Why do we consult?

The views of our customers are important because they help us to continuously review and identify priorities that are important to them. They also help us improve our services and customer satisfaction.

Who can take part in the consultations?

We will make consultations available to customers who use or may be impacted by a certain service delivery. Some consultations will be open to all customers and some will be targeted to certain users.

To ensure we are seeking the views of those affected or who have knowledge of a service, sometimes it is important to only offer consultation to that customer group. Where this is the case we will contact that group directly to take part.

Each consultation will always have an expiry date, at which point the consultation will close and the findings will be written up and presented for discussion. You can see what’s been happening by visiting the past consultations page where we all always make our findings available for all customers to view.

Current consultations

Scrutiny complaints review

This survey is part of a review by our scrutiny team into how we communicate with customers during the complaints process. The survey is open to any customers who have made a complaint within the last 18 months.

Customer conversation

This survey is for all new customers to Selwood Housing. We ask new customers how they would like to be involved and kept informed and how they can help us shape our services in the future.

Safety in your home consultation

We are currently consulting a sample of our customers to find out about the types of fire risk and safety information they would find useful to receive and how.

Past consultations

Check out which service areas we have already reviewed, and the results of past consultations.

Training and development opportunities

scrutiny team members at selwood housing group

Our scrutiny team

To help control the spread of coronavirus and keep our customers and staff safe, we have made some temporary changes to our services. For more information visit ourcoronavirus information page.