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Incentives and rewards selwood housing policy review

Awards and incentives

Policy review

What is an awards and incentives policy?

We know that customers may have different motivations for getting involved in our activities, so we often provide something to encourage participation. For example, a voucher or a prize draw.

The purpose of the policy is to provide a basis on which staff can determine when it is fair and reasonable to offer an incentive or reward, and to be transparent in why we offer these to customers.

Why did we ask for customer views?

Our policy was up for review, so we consulted with a small group of customers to make recommendations for how we might improve.

The consultation via an online focus group. Our customers were asked to share their views on whether the policy was; clear and understandable, fair and proportionate and good value for money.

What were the results?

Our group of customers made three significant suggestions to improve the policy

  • To make it clear how the Tenant Involvement and Empowerment Standard (2017) relates to the policy.
  • To make it an option for customers who are in arrears to have the value of a voucher or prize credited to their account, not a requirement.
  • To allow for people to choose to donate the value of a voucher or prize to our chosen charity of the year.

All three of these suggestions were approved by our executive team and our policy has been revised and rewritten to accommodate them. You can read our new policy here.

Thank you to all of our customers who took part and made a difference.

If you have any questions about this consultation, or to find out about ways to get involved, please contact our Involvement & Communities team.