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Digital customer updates

Focus group

Thanks for having your say on our new digital customer updates!

What are digital customer updates?

Like many organisations, we have been gradually moving away from printed materials, such as leaflets, towards digital methods of communication, such as social media.

There are several reasons for this. We can reach people much more quickly using email, so communication will be more frequent as well as relevant. It will save our customers money, as the cost of design, print and postage is many times that of creating and sending an e-newsletter. It will also help to reduce our impact on the environment.

More information

See our previous editions of 'working together' magazine here.

Why did we ask for customers' input?

We wanted to make sure that customers were involved in the new format, as they will be the audience for the updates. We wanted to understand what they would like to hear about, how often and what their email habits are.

Digital customer updates - focus group outcomes

Thank you to everyone who took part in our focus group, which was held on 27 February 2020 at our office in Trowbridge.

What you told us

  • You felt that it was important that we considered customers who are not online and made provisions for them to receive the same information
  • You suggested that the updates should be short, of no more than 4-6 articles, as otherwise your attention would wander, and that a frequency of once a month would be about right
  • You suggested some topics that would be of interest and gave opinions on layout and style

What we are doing

We will ensure that all customers who will not or cannot use email will receive a physical version of the updates.

We used one of the focus group's suggestions for a name for the new digital updates in a poll on social media.

Next steps

We were planning to launch the first update in late March 2020, just as the coronavirus outbreak took hold, so it was postponed.

However the focus group feedback was invaluable in guiding how we communicated with customers during the early days of the crisis, both via email and other means.