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Restarting works

Restarting refurbishment works in sheltered schemes

Thank you to all of our sheltered housing residents that participated in our consultation.

Why did we ask for our customers views?

During the lockdown period, we were only able to deliver essential services. This meant that the planned refurbishment work at our sheltered schemes had to be put on hold until restrictions eased off.

Once we were in a position where we could restart the work, we had to think about how we could do this safely and in line with government guidelines.

But we also wanted to make sure that our residents living in our sheltered schemes felt comfortable with our plans to return to work in their communal areas.

What was the outcome?

We spoke to 120 customers across 8 of our sheltered housing schemes to ask about how the refurbishment work might affect them and when they would feel comfortable with us returning to work.

In every scheme that we spoke to, the majority of residents asked for the refurbishment work to begin as soon as possible.

What did we do with the results?

We have sent out a follow-up letter to all of our sheltered housing residents advising them of when they can expect the refurbishment work to take place. It also outlines what safety precautions will be in place.

If you would like more information about this consultation, or if you want to find out how you can get involved, then email us at or call 01225 715632.