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Tree policy


Thanks for having your say on our new policy!

What is a tree policy?

Trees are a very important part of our environment. They play a huge part in supporting the natural ecosystem, and they also help to keep our communities looking nice. The land that Selwood Housing owns has over 1800 trees; some in our tenant's gardens and some that are in shared spaces within the community.

Our new tree policy is designed to protect our trees and will set out how we manage them. It will also explain what our responsibilities are as a landlord, and what our tenant's responsibilities are.

More information

Download a copy of our tree policy here.

Why did we ask customers to comment on this policy?

As this is a new policy we wanted to ensure that it makes sense to our customers and clearly describes our responsibilities, as well as those of our tenants.

Tree Policy - consultation results and outcomes

Thank you to everyone who took part in our online survey. We received 119 survey responses and 26 additional comments.

What you told us

  • 97% felt that the information about managing trees based on their condition was clear
  • 98% told us it was clear what action Selwood Housing will take to meet their legal duty of care regarding trees
  • 96% felt are our tenant's responsibilities regarding trees was clear.

We also received some comments relating to specific issues which we have now addressed in the policy.

What we are changing

We have added a clause to our policy to ensure that where we have to remove the tree in our general areas that another tree will be planted to replace it in an appropriate location.

Other suggestions

We were also asked if the policy could consider a new tree planting schedule. We are not proposing to take this further at the moment.

Thank you to everyone who took part.