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Developing our Whistleblowing policy with customers

Whistleblowing is when someone reports serious concerns about something that one of our staff, contractors or board members has done or failed to do.

We reviewed our whistleblowing policy internally last year and made several improvements including:

  • adding a confidential email address to which customers could report issues -
  • adding timescales within which we would acknowledge concerns raised and investigate them
  • allowing for anonymous reporting
  • detailing various other organisations to whom customers could make reports including the Regulator of Social Housing and the Police
  • making sure our board of directors is kept up to date with any issues raised

To make sure the policy was as good as it could be, we asked some of our customers to help us review it further.

A Focus Group was held on 13 November 2019 at our offices at Bryer Ash in Trowbridge. Six customers considered the policy in more detail and made further recommendations including:

  • developing a separate customer information sheet on Whistleblowing, in plain English, with information all in one place, rather than publishing separate policy and procedure documents
  • providing clear examples of what whistleblowing is and how it differs from making a complaint
  • making the customer information sheet widely available, published on our website, included in any tenant newsletters or literature and put up on notice boards and in sheltered housing schemes
  • training staff to recognise when a customer has a concern that might be a whistleblowing issue and help them to raise issues.

The group housing director has agreed with all additional recommendations.

To find out more about our whistleblowing policy, download our customer information sheet in the highlight box on this page.

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