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Recruiting complaints forum members

Do you want to make a real difference?

Customer complaints are important and provide direct feedback to help improve the services we deliver. However, how we handle complaints can make a huge difference to the outcome and how satisfied our customers are.

To help us improve this process, we are looking for six customers to join our complaints forum.

You will help us to…

  • Support the process of complaint resolution by ensuring best practices and developing effective approaches to resolving, learning and improving complaint management.
  • Give customers more power in holding us to account for our decisions, performance and conduct.

You’d be perfect for the role if…

  • You’re able to be impartial and fair.
  • You are able to provide constructive feedback amongst a group of customers and colleagues.
  • You can commit to quarterly meetings for the next 12 months.

We’re offering in return…

  • £40 in online shopping vouchers per month plus £14 towards your internet bill.
  • Money towards any reasonable travel and childcare costs.

Please contact us at info@selwoodhousing.com to register your interest and find out more.