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Group 5

Group 5 is a furniture recycling charity that redistributes unwanted furniture and household items to needy families within West Wiltshire. The aim is to help those families and individuals who are in greatest need.

Access to the service is by referral by an organisation or person in an official capacity who is able to confirm families are unable to afford the furniture they need. This could be a charity, social worker, health visitor, CAB, women's refuge, etc.

All furniture is collected and provided free of charge benefiting both those donating furniture and those in need.

Group 5 workers are all unpaid volunteers who give of their free time to help others. Some volunteers offer a few hours a week, some much more than this to undertake roles such as administration, van driving, furniture warehousing.

In a typical year, Group 5 assist 400-500 families with much needed furniture that helps to alleviate poverty, raise standards of living, improve self esteem and sense of wellbeing.

In 2019 Group 5 applied to the Selwood Stronger Communities Fund for a grant of £2,500 to assist with their annual running costs of £15,000. Other funders included the local town and various local charities.

The grant was approved in full in recognition of the support provided to our customers and those of other housing providers in greatest need, which in 2019 represented 136 housing association families.

Our investment of £2500 ensured that the charity was able to continue it’s valuable work supporting some of our most vulnerable families, alleviating poverty and raising standards of living.

We will be closed for the afternoon from 1pm on Wednesday 25 November due to a virtual staff event. If you have an emergency during this time, call01225 715 715.