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Westbury Youth Football Team

Westbury Youth Football Club is a fully constituted, not-for-profit organisation, providing organised football matches and training for children of all genders and backgrounds from the age 5 to 18.

The club provides healthy activities for over 200 young people, from a variety of backgrounds bringing a sense of belonging, pride, team togetherness and fun which impacts positively on their physical well-being and social confidence. Club membership also brings the wider community together as parents and children get involved together in team play and exercise.

The club applied to Selwood Housing’s Stronger Communities Fund for funding of just over £500, to provide 20 training tops for young people to wear to all matches and for training.

The project aimed to provide the 20 players with a sense of pride in their appearance and team, impacting on their confidence and well-being. The team comes from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds and funds would allow all players to own their own training top and also to wear them outside of football, to promote their pride on belonging to Westbury Youth and to attract other children to become interested in joining the club and gaining from all the benefits of playing a sport including physical, social and psychological benefits.

Selwood Housing awarded £500 in grant funding from the Stronger Communities Fund to support development of this project.

Benefits for Selwood Housing included:

  • Supporting young people’s pride in their football club.
  • Supporting the benefits of sport for children and young people in areas where we have housing stock, including social, physical and psychological benefits.
  • Contributing to wider societal aims to reduce childhood obesity and promote physical activity.
  • Levelling the opportunities for young people from more disadvantaged backgrounds to feel equal to their peers in owning their own training tops.
westbury youth football club photo