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Group 5

Selwood Housing Group is pleased to support Group 5, a furniture recycling charity that redistributes furniture and household items to families in need across Westbury, Warminster, Melksham, Trowbridge and Bradford on Avon.

All goods are collected and provided free of charge, benefiting both those donating furniture and those in need.

Group 5 was formed 30 years ago by a church congregation in Trowbridge and is so named because of the five West Wiltshire towns they cover. In a typical year, the team of dedicated volunteers assist around 600 households and cover 10,000 miles in their van!

Access to the service is via referral by an organisation or person in an official capacity who is able to confirm families are unable to afford the furniture they need. This could be a social worker, doctor, health visitor, CAB, job centre, women's refuge and the Multi-Faith Forum.

We assisted Group 5 with grants of £2,500 from our Stronger Communities Fund in both 2019 and 2020, to assist with their annual running costs of £16,000. Other funders include church groups, town councils and various local charities.

Our investment ensured that the charity was able to continue its valuable work supporting some of our most vulnerable families, alleviating poverty and raising standards of living.

If you struggle to afford furniture, you can access Group 5 through a referral from us at Selwood Housing or one of the agencies mentioned above.

If you would like to donate good quality furniture or volunteer to help, please contact Group 5 at www.groupfive.org.uk or call David Gowen and his colleagues on 01225 764 849.

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