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Studley Green pizza oven

Selwood Housing Group builds outdoor pizza oven at Studley Green Primary School

In July 2018, Selwood Housing Group built and installed an outdoor pizza oven at Studley Green Primary School in Trowbridge.

The work was carried out by staff from Silcoa, the repairs and improvement arm of Selwood Housing Group, and organised by Amee Dewitt, community engagement facilitator at Selwood Housing, working alongside school staff.

As well as pizza, the oven will be used to bake fresh bread, cook healthy one pot soups and bake fruit, using the produce grown by the pupils in the community garden. The school will be able to use the new addition to teach children about growing and cooking food, healthy eating, reducing waste as well as creating low cost meal ideas to take home and try too.

The oven concept and design was hand drawn by Studley Green Primary School's parent support advisor. Materials were donated by Silcoa and the pizza oven was built by members of Silcoa staff over a series of weekends in scorching weather.

Selwood Housing Group, whose head office is close to the school in Trowbridge, has been working closely with Studley Green Primary School over recent years. Other projects include a school-wide estate litter pick involving 216 students and teachers, as well as supporting the Fit and Fed school holiday programme.

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