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Damaged kitchen cupboards and worktops


Damaged kitchen worktops

It is not uncommon for worktops to become damaged through day to day living. Damage could include gouges, scratches, chips or swelling due to water damage.

If you have any swelling due to water entering the worktop, this section of the worktop will need to be replaced. We can help you but there may be a charge to do so. We can't guarantee that our replacement will match your current worktop finish, but a best match will be found. Please call us on 01225 715 715 to request a surveyor inspection.

If you have any gouges, scratches or chips in your laminate worktop, you will need to purchase a laminate repair paste to repair the damage.

Laminate repair pastes can be picked up from most DIY stores in a range of colours to match.

Repairing your laminate worktop

Step 1: thoroughly clean the area
Clean the damaged area thoroughly with warm water and washing up liquid to remove any residue or stains. Use a soft cloth to remove any remaining cleaning solution and dry the area.

Step 2: apply the paste
Most laminate repair kits will come with an applying tool such as a spatula. Squeeze a good amount of the laminate repair paste onto the spatula and apply to the damaged area, ensuring the scratch or chip is completely filled with the paste. Use the spatula to scrape off any excess paste.

Step 3: clean off the excess paste
Gently clean off the overfill from around the repair, taking care not to clean out the filled area.

Step 4: allow to dry
Allow the paste to dry and fully harden for the recommended time, around 24 hours. Once completely dry, clean the area with household washing up liquid and warm water.

Damaged kitchen cupboards

If your cupboard door has dropped or become misaligned, this can be easily amended by adjusting the hinges using a Phillips or cross-head screwdriver.

Click the video below to view how to adjust and realign your cupboards.

If your kitchen cupboard or drawer front has been damaged and needs replacing, we can help you but there may be a charge to do so. We can't guarantee that our replacement will match your current cupboards or drawers, but a best match will be found. Unfortunately, we cannot replace undamaged items for matching purposes.

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