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Report a repair

Emergency repairs

If you have an emergency repair please call us on 01225 715 715 option 1.

In a gas emergency, please call the national gas emergency number on 0800 111 999.

We class an emergency as an incident where there is an immediate danger to your safety, or that of your property.

If you need help when we are closed, call 01225 715 999 for our emergency out-of-hours service. This number deals with emergencies, such as:

  • water or sewerage leaks
  • major electrical faults (but please check your trip switch and appliances first)
  • damage to your home caused by storms

Our Silcoa operatives will make the area safe by doing a temporary repair and will let us know if they need to do further work in normal office hours.

Day to day repairs

We have a duty as a landlord to keep your home in good order. As a tenant you share the responsibility for looking after your home with us. Download our guide for more information.

We want to provide a good repairs service. Please help us by reporting repairs quickly and preventing damage to your home or estate.

If you need to report a repair, contact our customer services team during office hours by either:

We will need to know your name, address, contact telephone number, the best times for the repair to be done, and full details of the repair.

We will arrange an appointment with you for someone to come out to fix your repair. 80% of problems are fixed first time. (CSN customer survey data, 2017)

Silcoa try to have all the materials and equipment needed to fix the job first time. However, if they need specific materials for your repair they will organise a date and time to come back and finish the repair as soon as possible.

If you have any queries or are unhappy with the repair please let us know so we can get this sorted for you as soon as possible.

Repairs Q&A

Is there immediate danger to your safety , or that of your property?

If yes, call us on 01225 715 715, option 1. If you are calling outside of our office hours, (Mon-Fri; 08:30am - 5:30pm / 5:00pm on Friday) please call 01225 715 999.

Is your emergency gas related?

Call the national gas emergency number on 0800 111 999

Do you have a day to day repair to report?

Please call us on 01225 715 715, option 1 or email us at

Repair responsibilities

This guide sets out who is responsible for different types of repair.
repair responsibilities booklet, 276KB PDF
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