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Recycling your Easter waste

Easter eggs can come with a lot of packaging, but what do you do with yours once you've eaten the chocolate inside?

The good news is that most Easter egg packaging can be widely recycled. Read the tips below on what to do with your left-over Easter waste:


The outer packaging of an Easter egg can be recycled like any other piece of cardboard. However, if the packaging has a shiny surface it could mean a hidden plastic coating which cannot be recycled, you can check for hidden plastic by performing a simple soak test.

Simply try soaking a piece of the cardboard packaging in water for a few hours, if it contains a plastic coating you will see a plastic layer that starts to separate or peel off.


The inner plastic shell is made from PET, which is the same material as plastic bottles, meaning this can be recycled in your plastic waste bin, just make sure it is clean first.


Like the cardboard outer packaging, some foil cannot be recycled, and you should do a scrunch test to see if you can put this in your recycling bin. All you need to do is scrunch the foil into a ball in your hand, if it stays scrunched its probably aluminium and can go into the metal recycling bin providing it is clean. If it does not stay scrunched and bounces back, like some crisp packets, it is not recyclable.

Consider a plastic-free Easter

Friends of the Earth has put together a tips page identifying well-known Easter egg manufacturers and what types of packaging they use. Visit the Friends of the Earth website.

Left over chocolate

It’s easy to collect a large amount of chocolate eggs leading up to and over the Easter weekend. Click here to read tips on what to do with any left-over chocolate.

Easter food ideas

Celebrate Easter in style with affordable (yet delicious) food ideas. These recipes can all be prepared beforehand to save time and allow you to enjoy the day with your family and friends.

Waste collection days

Find links below to view your waste collection days over the Easter bank holiday weekend:

Mendip waste collection days.

Wiltshire waste collection days.

Bath and North East Somerset waste collection days.

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