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Frozen condensate pipe

How to thaw a frozen condensate pipe

With the cold weather setting in again, you may find that your boiler stops working due to a frozen condensate pipe.

A condensate waste pipe is a pipe where certain boilers discharge waste water into the sewer. During cold weather the condensate pipe can freeze, which in turn can prevent your boiler from working leaving you without heating and hot water.

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Where is the condensate pipe?

The condensate pipe is located on the outside of your home. Generally they are white pipes coming out of the wall and into the ground.

Use warm water - not boiling

It is vital that when pouring water onto the pipe to thaw it, that the water is not boiling. Boiling water and then pouring this on a frozen pipe could cause the pipe to crack.

Use a kettle or microwave to heat water and pour over the end of the pipe where it is frozen. Use a suitable container to do this, like a watering can or jug and stand at a low height to prevent any splash back.

Alternatively, hold a hot water bottle or heat wrap around the frozen area of the pipe to thaw it out.

Keep trying

You may need to pour hot water over the pipe several times before it is fully thawed. If you have tried this step several times, please contact us.

If you would prefer to view how to do this, click below to watch the British Gas video on how to thaw a condensate pipe...

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