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Getting rid of ants

How to get rid of ants in the house

During warm weather or rainy seasons, you may discover ants entering your house and garden. Although ants will eat more annoying pests such as fleas and bedbugs, when they decide to share your home, these insects are less than helpful.

Read our latest top tips on keeping your home ant free.

Clear away food

The first step to getting rid, and preventing ants coming into your home is to keep food stored in airtight containers. These can be picked up at a reasonable price from discount stores and supermarkets.

Once the food has been cleared away, ensure to wipe down surfaces and clear any food and drink spillages immediately. Not forgetting to clean the inside of cupboards and under the kitchen sink too.

Anti-ant spray

Once you have done step one, it's best to give your kitchen surfaces and floor a final wipe down using an eco-friendly ant-spray. This can be made easily at home with vinegar and water, just mix one part vinegar to one part water to help deter any ants and destroy their pheromones.

Block entry points

If you can identify how ants are accessing your home, fill any cracks and crevices with a sealant. These will likely be around doors and window frames.

Ant deterrent

If you have done all of the above, and they are still finding their way into your home, a natural deterrent will be your next step. Ants hate salt, chalk, curry powder, pepper and cinnamon, so lightly dust the entry areas with any of these.

Please note, be careful when doing this method and avoid any getting into your pet or child's nose, mouth or eyes.

If you have any top tips for effectively preventing and getting rid of ants in your home, email us at

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