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Rodents in your home

Winter weather can make mice and rats take shelter in your home, in search of food and warmth.

Read our tips on identifying if you have rodents living in your home, what to do if you suspect you have these intruders and how to prevent them coming back...

Signs of rodents in your home

The typical signs to look out for include rodent droppings, damage to property, footprints, smell, damage to belongings and sightings.

What to do if you suspect rodents in your home

If you suspect that you have mice or rats living in your home, you will need to contact your local council. Contact details for these are as follows:

Wiltshire Council pest control

Mendip Council pest control

Bath and North East Somerset pest control

Preventing rodents from coming into your home

Keep your kitchen clean - a clean kitchen won't completely discourage rodents by any means, however cleaning up any bits of food on floors, counters and in the sink will help to keep them away. All dry goods, such as pasta or cereal, should be stored in well-sealed metal or glass containers to prevent any rodents chewing through and helping themselves.

Remove clutter - keep any outdoor clutter such as piles of wood, bricks or stones as far from the foundations of your home as possible to discourage rodents from nesting right outside.

Eliminate entry points - if you are a Selwood Housing customer and are concerned that there is a hole in your home large enough for a rodent to enter the property, please contact us.

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